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Lining fabrics

Hedva a.s. offers a wide range of lining fabrics designated for ladies and men clothing. The basic collection includes fabrics in plain coloured universal, jacquard lining, sleeve lining and pocket lining. The collection of synthetic linings is used during manufacturing of clothing focused on sport, special protective purposes in haberdashery etc.



Manufacturing specifications of viscous lining

Material composition: 100% viscose or viscose/acetate, 100% PAD, 100% PES
Binding: plátno, kepr, atlas, žakárské vazby 
Weight: 75 - 120 gr/qm
Width: 140 cm
Technology:  coloration, thermofixation 
Allingment: pieces abou. 80 - 100 m, rolled in the full width, wrapping into PE foil