Decorative fabrics

HEDVA a.s. offers in its manufacturing program range of fabrics for the production of curtains, bedclothes and tablecloths. Decorative fabrics are produced in the wide range of jacquard patterns, in print implementation, alternatively as plain curtain fabrics.


Material composition: 100% PES, PES/ba
Width: 140 cm, 160 cm a 200 cm
Adjustments of fabrics: TEFLON


The Teflon fluorocarbon adjustment edits the physical features of the fabric so that it becomes water repellent and oil repellent. The restoration of the effect is achieved by ironing the fabric. Neither feel, colour nor hang is altered during the adjustment of the fabric


Division of adjustments:

  • TEFLON STANDARD / permanence :   5  laundry cycles by temperature of 40°C
  • TEFLON HT / permanence : 20  laundry cycles by temperature of 40°C


Fire-resistant fabric TREVIRA CS


Hedva developed collection of products for hotel program, which are characterized by reduced combustibility, or permanent fire resistance, and meet a number of fire-fighting standards (DIN 4102 part 1/B1 etc.) in accordance with permanently increasing standards to reduce the risks of fire.

The limitations of flammability are enabled by special coaling adjustments or by use of TREVÍRA CS material, which has wide range of use (curtains, furniture fabrics, vertical lamellas etc.)

Fabrics are characterized by ideal useable qualities:

Simple maintenance, low-temperature washing, crease-resistance and extent stability of fabric, more comfortable and better for human skin than artificial materials, appropriate for products for children, (ÖKO-TEX STANDARD 100), brilliant colors, color fastness in the light, high strength, minimal flue gas emissions.

Use: public space, hotels, households.


Light-impermeable BLACK OUT

The decorative fabrics blackout are characterized by light-impermeable function. It enables partly or complete blackout of window.