Ассортимент предприятия


The production of Hedva takes place in two weaving mills. 01 Moravská Třebová factory produces plain and dobby goods. The production of jacquard fabrics takes place in Hedva -Brokát Rýmařov factory.

The production of both factories is ennobles in 02 Moravská Třebová factory.


Weawing: air, water, needle, jacquard looms

Working width: 220 cm



Adjustment of products 

The fabric gains specific physical properties required for its functionality by applying supportive textile instruments. The final procedure („apretace“) is applied through foulard or with the coating machine with use of acrylic and polyurethane pastes. 


Adjustment of fabrics:

-hydrophobic adjustment

-oleo phobic adjustment including Teflon

-softening of fabric Soft

-crease-resistant adjustment

-antistatic adjustment

-antibacterial adjustment

-stain resistant adjustment for tablecloths (coaling or foulard technology)

-fire-resistant foulard adjustment for 100 %PES  (  B2 DIN 4102 - 1 )

-fire-resistant coaling adjustment for 100% PES, 100% PAD ,  100% PAN (B2 DIN 4102  -1)

-hydrophobic, waterproof, water-resistant adjustment

-airtight, air impermeability ensured by calendaring ( EN 9237)

-airtight, air impermeability ensured by coaling ( EN 9237 )

-breathable, membraneless based on a special coating

-transfer print in the width of 160 cm